Imelda Alejandrino

Imelda Alejandrino


About Imelda

Imelda Alejandrino brings with her over 20 years of producing result-driven and award-winning work as both an art director and creative director. As the founder and chief evangelist behind Alejandrino Partners, she has led the charge by forming a top quality team driven by a successful combination of creative quality, strategic focus and client services. It’s a business model that has enabled her to maintain successful relations with a veritable Who’s Whos of leading brands: LeapFrog, Roche, Puritan Bennett, Genesys, Alcatel Lucent, Chevron, Wells Fargo, Jelly Belly Candy Company, Jose Cuervo, Pacific Bell/SBC, PeopleSoft, San Francisco Opera, Cisco, Siemens, PG&E, Westin Century Plaza, and countless others.
Imelda’s garnered Gold & Best In Show Awards from the American Association of Advertising Agencies (ADDYS), The San Francisco Show, the San Francisco Ad Club and International ECHO Awards. She is on the board of the San Ramon Arts Foundation as VP of Marketing, has served as a parent volunteer on the Special Needs Committee and the Community Advisory Committee for the San Ramon Valley School District.

Great teams may seem magical, but they arise from some common norms – giving everyone on the team a voice and constant encouragement to create.

We create.

From the center of nowhere comes a spark, it takes form, it is nurtured, it evolves, it is honed and ultimately inventive ideas are created.

We never sleep.

We invent.

Invention has many forms from the halls of Bell Labs to the mind of McGyver. We’ll take any challenge as a starting point, and not just grab for the last thing we’ve done and give it a new coat of paint.

We learn.

We give.

Whether it’s our pro bono work for local causes or our tendancy to go the extra mile for our client, we approach our work with a spirit of giving.

We deliver.

Every day we strive to deliver value, with our core tenets of hard work, reliability and respect.

We celebrate.

Dean Kamen said, “In a free culture, you get what you celebrate.” At AP42 we celebrate big things like new clients and completed projects, as well as the small things like birthdays and getting timesheets done on time.