Amazon_EchoWe got our Amazon Echo last week but I didn’t get around to plugging it in until this weekend. I’m more impressed than I thought I would be. It responds so fast, and from anywhere in the room, and the sound is good (It comes out of the box at high volume and starts talking when you plug it in). We’ve mostly used it for music so far, or radio (“Alexa, play NPR”, “Alexa, play ESPN”), but it’s fun asking questions. (I’m looking forward to asking it something I really need to know at the time.) It’s a good parser between your question and answers from Wikipedia, among other things. I hooked it up with my IFTTT account, so my shopping lists get emailed to me. I know it’s not Echo specific, but it also seems that every CD I’ve ever ordered from Amazon in the past 19 years has been clouded up for me to listen to just by saying “Alexa, play Aeroplane Over the Sea”.

And best of all, Amazon is constantly listening to everything that is going on in my house. What could go wrong with that?