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We develop transformative marketing strategy and plans.
We design innovative solutions to your business and marketing challenges.


Your brand does not stop at your logo. Every time your clients get an impression of your company it should be positive and consistent. This builds trust and enhances your reputation.

At AP42 we study your long-term goals, audience profile, brand personality and competition before we touch a computer mouse. We recommend not only a logo but also a complete branding guideline including color palettes, typography, signature usage, photography styles and options for collateral.



A digital experience needs more than design, architecture, software and content. It needs to tell a compelling story, featuring you and your customers. We approach every assignment as “What’s the story you’re trying to tell?” Your story unfolds as a well-crafted user experience and engagement, and when executed to perfection, always has a happy ending.



Whether you need to attract and retain customers, introduce new products or build your reputation and name awareness, we can design advertising and direct mail solutions that resonate with clearly identified targets to grow your business exponentially.

We are experts in lead generation through traditional services like direct mail and advertising, enhanced by new approaches like social media campaigns, video, infographic creation, educational events and more.

Our teams comprise outstanding talent that understands both state-of-the-art technology as well as user behavior to create memorable experiences and inspire action.


Direct Marketing

Shifts in how your customers consume and interact with media and content change daily. The Internet is replacing broadcasting. 72% of consumers surveyed trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

To effectively reach your customers, all media channels—paid (advertising), owned (corporate sponsored events and content marketing) and earned (word of mouth referrals, rankings, and published content on free social media sites) must work in concert. Using “converged marketing” AP42 solves your marketing problems by creating branded communication that is reinforced and supported by each of your media channels, amplifying consistent messaging to drive volume.

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AP42 believes that design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas and motivate action. The “art” translates into design that people respond to instinctively. It excites, validates, touches your emotions or makes you smile. It reflects your image and solves your marketing problems in a highly creative fashion to cut through the marketing fog.

Technical design is just as important. It includes a thorough understanding and recommended approach to system architecture, infrastructure, use cases, user analytics and content optimization.

These two elements work harmoniously to first help you rise above the noise and then work absolutely perfectly to give you a sustainable edge and an outstanding customer experience.


Social Media

Social media are changing the way all companies conduct business; they complement top-down controlled marketing strategy with participation in the social groundswell.

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Adapting to the changing customer lifecycle with forward-thinking technology solutions and sound marketing principles.

AP42 works with clients to understand specific marketing challenges at every point of the customer lifecycle. We investigate a wide array of models, methods and technologies, using both tried and true disciplines from traditional marketing media, as well as emerging technologies and platforms. We then find creative ways of applying these to our clients’ marketing needs. These include novel ways of capturing market insights, building brand awareness, motivating engagement and ensuring loyalty, as well as providing integrated measurement systems that track marketing performance across multiple touchpoints.


Strategy requires clarity that can provide value over time, resilient but adaptable to changing market conditions. Whether it is a story architecture, branding and messaging, technical blueprint or aligning marketing with an overall business model, our strategy is delivered in a clear and useful form. This has the longest time horizon, and helps you see opportunities to meet or lead the marketplace several years into the future.


Solutions are plans to deal with specific marketing problems, challenges or opportunities. Solving your marketing problems requires creative planning, derived from a sound strategy, and calling out who is doing what, when. Across this plan you will see ideas that innovate, inspire and work, and provide clear direction as you execute one campaign, one website, one story at a time.


Carrying out the plans to solve your marketing problems or meet your opportunities involves creative execution in the form of marketing services. This is the “last mile” of engagement, whether it is a completed website, advertising creative, produced and ready for insertion, a trade show booth, or a targeted direct marketing campaign.

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