Back to school

The world of new marketing changes every day. So pencils down everyone. Here’s why we are committed (and excited!) to keep learning:

  1. We’re always looking to discover best practices to streamline our internal processes and become as efficient as possible.
  2. We’re constantly educating ourselves about our clients’ business so we can make new suggestions on how to engage with your customer base and reach new prospects.
  3. We love to be up to date and proficient with the latest technology so we can offer our clients the best and most practical solutions.

Don’t worry, we promise there won’t be a quiz at the end of this blog!

Imelda completed the 2012 Tuck-WBENC Executive Program, an intensive weeklong executive learning experience held at IBM’s Learning Center in Armonk, NY, along with 50 other women entrepreneurs. Imelda was honored to be sponsored for this program by Amy Tsutsumi, Business analyst for Chevron and a respected AP42 client. The Tuck-WBENC Executive Program, which was established in 2003 and has been sponsored by IBM since then, stemmed from an idea to create a program tailored to the needs of women business owners. It offers step-by-step tactics designed to help women entrepreneurs grow their business with a focus on improving strategic planning, organization, resources, and systems and processes. Imelda came back fired up and is implementing many new ideas and we’re all benefiting from her experience.

Steve happened to be flying into Las Vegas on October 11, so he took the opportunity to brush up a bit on his Italian – wines that is – at a USA Educational Immersion Seminar presented by Piemonte Land of Perfection. This regional council represents several consorzi in the Piedmont region of Italy, and Steve now knows his Barolo from his Barbaresco (or so he says). He can prove it with his official (looking) Wine Certification. This will come in handy as AP42 helps one of our newest clients, Wine Luxury, launch its exciting new venture.

Mimi couldn’t help but notice the incredible growth of WordPress. The stats are compelling: 49% of all blog sites use WordPress, and it is now estimated that 25% of all websites are published with WordPress. Being a blogger herself, she realized it was high time she learned why this platform has taken off. AP42 has many developers who are experts in WordPress but it’s just as important that the account team understands new technology so they know its capabilities and limitations. So she grabbed her lunch box, took a series of classes and designed her first WordPress site.

Hard to believe but it’s said that 42% of all college graduates never read another book again. Ever. Here at AP42 we’re not only reading books, we’re taking classes (traditional and online), going to conferences, watching videos, and meeting industry experts. Sure, we make it a priority to keep up-to-date with new marketing and technology trends but it’s also an important source of motivation, stimulation and job satisfaction.

We’re excited about teaching as well as learning. Imelda Alejandrino, (CEO of AP42) along with Jody Bagno-Dill of Jazz Business Consulting are offering the “Getting Over the Hump” Executive Workshop on November 29 at the Bishop Ranch Conference Center and you’re invited. Click here to learn all about it.

Class dismissed…for now!