We develop transformative marketing strategies and plans to solve your marketing challenges,
then we implement them and track the results.



Your brand is not just your logo. Every impression of your company should build trust and enhance your reputation.

At AP42 we study your long-term goals, audiences, brand personality and competition before we even begin design. We recommend a logo plus branding guidelines, which includes colors, typography, photography styles, etc.




A digital experience needs more than design, architecture, software and content. It needs to tell a compelling story featuring you and your customers. Ask yourself “What’s the story you’re trying to tell?” In AP42’s hands it will unfold with customer engagement from a well-crafted user experience.




Our channel agnostic teams understand both state-of-the-art technology as well as user behavior to create memorable experiences and inspire action.

Whether it’s acquisition, retention, new products or awareness, we’ll help you determine the advertising and marketing solutions you need.

You can engage us in traditional services like direct mail and advertising, as well as newer approaches like social media campaigns, video, educational events and more.

Using integrated or “converged” marketing, AP42 solves your marketing challenges by creating communication that is reinforced and supported in each of your media, amplifying your message.



Direct Marketing

It seems how your customers consume and interact with media and content shifts daily. We love direct marketing for the results it provides.

Spend X, get Y, it’s as simple as that. Well…maybe not that simple but anytime you target a specific audience and track your results you learn. From DRTV to banner ads, direct mail to SEM, give us the numbers and chances are we’ll find a way to improve them.

genesys-direct marketing



Design is a creative process to communicate ideas that people respond to instinctively. Highly creative design cuts through the clutter, reflects your image and solves your marketing problems.

Technical design for websites is just as important. It includes a thorough understanding of system architecture, use cases, user analytics and content optimization.

At AP42, these two elements work harmoniously so you rise above the noise and gain an edge with an outstanding customer experience.



Social Media

Social media are changing the way all companies conduct business. 72% of consumers surveyed trusted online reviews as much as personal ones. You can’t afford not to have a social presence.

We’ll help you identify the opportunities whether it’s tailored messages to specific geographies or audiences, or optimizing your digital media to boost organic or paid search rankings. We’ve got you covered.

trek-social media

Apply sound principles and forward-thinking technology to meet your advertising and marketing needs.

We work with you to understand your specific marketing challenges. Using disciplines from traditional marketing and media, as well as emerging technologies and platforms, we find creative ways to solve your problems. We will work with you from A to Z or tackle just a portion of the overall job. As the saying goes “we play well with others.”


You need a strategy that provides value over time. One that’s adaptable to changing market conditions. Whatever your challenges we will help you find the opportunities to meet or lead the marketplace – now and in the future.


When you have a marketing problem you want creative planning based upon a sound strategy, which calls out what is being done, how and when. We deliver innovative marketing solutions incorporating the best in technology and creativity, providing you clear detailed direction.


Carrying out the plans to solve your marketing challenges involves exceptional execution in the form of marketing services. Whatever the channel or media – a completed website, advertising, direct marketing campaign, trade show booth, virtual reality app, etc. – you can count on us to deliver.
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