I’ve noticed how many ads say “Log onto suchandsuch.com” because the copy writer didn’t have a good corollary to “Call 1-800-suchandsuch“.  But “logging on” means something specific – once you get to a website, entering a user name and a password – and that’s not really what they mean to say.

Some ads now offer a URL by saying “Click on suchandsuch.com“, but that isn’t right either. You click on links, and while sometimes the link looks like a URL and takes you to a URL, you don’t run from your radio to your browser and “click on” the URL they just gave you. You have to type it in.

So what’s the right imperative if not “Log onto” or “Click on”?

I suggest simply “Visit suchandsuch.com” or “Go to suchandsuch.com“. In the context of a URL, you know you’re not telling listeners to get in their car and drive up to your front door. Web site stats count “visitors” and I don’t think people will get confused by the term.

Any alternatives? Let me know. Then I can start getting copy writers to knock off telling people to go to “suchandsuch dot com backslash whatever“.