Founded in 2010, Pinterest is still a relatively new social platform. The desktop website and mobile application focus on the visual aspect of inspiration and combine it with social functions. Users can create “boards” specific to different topics and post “pins” to them, essentially saving videos, pictures, and quotes that peak their interest.

A relatively new Pinterest feature is different setups for business accounts and personal accounts. A business account is accompanied with analytics tools and the ability to view what Pinners like the best, what topics they are most interested, and which of your pins they are pinning.

TIP: If a business already has a Pinterest account but it isn’t set up as a company, it can easily be converted by visiting the Pinterest for Business page.

Social media marketing is all about communicating with customers and portraying a brand. The ability to post material from a company’s website directly to a board with their “Pin It” tool means less time creating and transferring content between social media platforms and blogs, and more time connecting with users. Using original content leaves more space for authenticity and shows a conscious displays of its values, personality, taste, and brand with posts with a variety of subjects.

TIP: Vertical pins are more likely to get noticed as they take up more space on the Pinterest dashboard.

The possibilities not only for social networking but also for advertising on Pinterest are growing everyday. With the ability to create pins specifically structured for articles, products, places, and apps in combination with native advertising functions, businesses are able to use 72.8 million Pinterest users.

Some of the most successful Pinterest campaigns come from retail clothing lines. The name of the game in this realm is “curate.” Teva, a classic outdoor shoe company, made a recent comeback after a full social media campaign was launch. The rebrand included music festival themed Pinterest posts, using location features, popular bloggers, and product features to help their company. The brand saw their sales increase and has enjoyed a flourishing of business.

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