It’s that time of year again when Pantone highlights the color trends for Spring 2018. These colors are intended to define what will be fashionable in the year to come.

How Pantone defines this color palette is just as interesting as its composition. For example, Pantone describes Palace Blue as  “[sparkling] with energy… stirring and impressive, a brighter blue for the days ahead.” These descriptors immediately recall the descriptions one hears when wine tasting. Therefore, Palace Blue can also be described as delicate yet subtle in body.

Next season, Nile Green should pair nicely with more up front colors. Its acidity is lean and its body lends itself to be mellow. In contrast, Spiced Apple bears some extracted fruit if not some subtle cassis. It also projects barnyard notes behind a complex body. Lime Punch better be consumed while it’s young and I leave it at that.

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Pantone Color Palette