This week marks the 35th (yeah, with a “3”) anniversary of the first Internet post I made that is still there. Sherman, set the way-back machine to 1981, and see for yourself.

Screen Shot - 1st Post

Back then it was the Internet, but it wasn’t the Web. Email addresses had @ symbols, but you had to push your mail along with a few “!” marks before you got to a legitimate “@“ site. Besides email, people used something called Usenet – a collection of newsgroups around a wide variety of topics: technical, social, local, humorous and so on. I’m sure I wrote about things less arcane than “editor-parser symbiosis”, but that’s my first post and I’m sticking to it.

An archive of old posts was kept by a site called Deja News, which was folded into Google Groups in 2001.

I often refer back to this post in presentations to groups such as Junior Achievement, as an object lesson in the longevity of the Internet. Assume anything you post is not just being stored forever, but may make you immortal!