Naturally, the next question a business owner will have after choosing to pursue video marketing is how do I get started given a plethora of constraints? Here our five take aways, if you choose to create a video for your firm.


1. Branding Still Matters (We’ll be repeating this a lot)

Our first take-away reminds me of a lesson learned in band class.

One day our director asks, “What does pianissimo mean?”

The obvious answer, “Play quietly.”

She replies matter-of-factly, “Wrong. It means follow the director. Now what does ritardando mean?”

Again the obvious answer, “Gradually slow down the tempo.”

She replies, “Wrong. It means follow the director. What does allegro mean?”

“Follow the director.”

As in any marketing endeavor, stick to your brand. It’s there to keep your efforts within defined parameters and although video can initially seem open-ended it has to be coherent with your other messaging channels.

2. Don’t Do It Just to Do It – Stick to your brand.

The pressures of promoting one’s business are immense and the channels to spread your message are numerous. If your budget is limited and you don’t think you have expended all cost-effective avenues of promotion (social ads, direct email) maybe consider video as a next phase to your marketing. Especially if you don’t have a strategy to track a video’s effectiveness don’t take the plunge just yet.

3. Animation vs. Live Action – Stick to your brand.

Generally, animation should be considered to convey complex ideas and live action is usually vital to create a connection to your audience (we are naturally drawn to people). For example, if you are selling cloud services your audience probably doesn’t want to see blinking servers and if you have a charismatic leader in your firm he or she should be front and center advocating your brand as if they are meeting prospects in person.


4. Keep It Simple – Stick to Your Brand

Establish a goal prior to creating the video. Is it an explainer video? Is it to build brand awareness? Once you answer that question stick to it. Ensure the video looks finished and current regardless if you don’t have a super bowl spot budget. Generally, a video introducing your firm to a new audience should not be more than a minute. The quicker the message can be conveyed the better.


5. So Now You Have a Finished Video – Make It Social/Sharable (And Stick to Your Brand)

In order to get the most out of your video always ask if it can be sharable and compatible for social media. This means automatically apply captions to the video for the hearing impaired and for those scrolling on their social feeds when they can’t turn up the volume in public settings. It also means determining if segments of the video can be spliced for quick cuts for instagram or twitter (unless the video is an explainer).

Generally, you want the video to be distributed across every platform (FB, twitter, YouTube etc.). There are some caveats to YouTube ( such as offering content of your competitors alongside your video among others.

If you want a finished look without distracting ads or secondary links vimeo is a good platform among others that can embed seamlessly into your site.


Those are our quick take aways. If you have more questions let us know!

If you just scrolled to the bottom of the page because of that Elaine Stritch quote above here is a great Elaine Stritch performance: