Our CEO Imelda Alejandrino and Social Media Manager Alexander Salazar recently went to Sacramento to participate in the 9th Annual Legislative Summit of the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce. They networked with fellow Asian business people and advocated for small businesses across the state through visits to various legislative offices.

Here are some pieces of legislation pertinent to the small business community (the stances are of CalAsian Chamber and the bills are not in their final form yet, we recommend you research further yourself in order to contact your representative on how you wish them to act!)

SB 827 (Wiener) – Support
Planning and Zoning: Transit-Rich Housing Bonus: This bill would require a local government to grant a development proponent of a transit-rich housing project if that development meets specified planning standards. This bill defines transit-rich housing as a residential area where parcels are all within a 1⁄2 mile radius of a major transit stop or a 1⁄4 mile of a stop on a high-quality transit corridor.

AB 2410 (Grayson) – Support
Annual Tax: Limited Liability company small business: This bill would reduce the annual minimum franchise tax to $400 for a limited liability company that is classified as a small business.

SB 993 (Hertzberg) – Oppose
Sales Tax: Services: This bill would after January 1, 2019 expand the Sales and Use Tax Law to impose a tax on the purchase of services by businesses in California at a specified percentage of the sales price of the service.

SB 905 (Wiener) – Support
Alcoholic Beverages: hours of sale: This bill would establish a pilot program lasting from 2020-2025 which would require the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to authorize the issuance of an additional hours license to a qualified vendor of alcoholic beverages, extending the “last call” time to 4 AM.

Any other bills this session you think are relevant to small businesses?

They also received a special tour of the State Capitol!

Did you know the historic building was going to be razed in the 70’s until then Speaker Willie Brown was deposed and it was decided to be refurbish it to its 19th century glory! Two grotesques (as opposed to gargoyles, fancy water drains) are hidden in each chamber and face the President pro Tempore and Speaker in their respective houses.

Egg-and-dart motifs in the building represents life-and-death, just as some legislative decisions may involve life and death. The renovated 19th century building is full of symbolism. (The image below was taken in the State Senate Chamber- spy the grotesque in place of a leaf and the egg-and-dart motifs)